“Lake of the Crimes 2:  The Real Estate Wars” murder mystery dinner theater offered at Lake of the Pines

What:   “Lake of the Crimes 2:  The Real Estate Wars”, interactive murder mystery dinner theater set at a lake resort community.


Sun., May 22, 2016 – Magnolia Pointe Grille – Lake of the Pines, CA

Showtime:  6:30 PM – Dinner & Show:  $36 per person

Reservations:  Tickets are available at the administration office at Lake of the Pines at (530) 268-1141, Ext. 2000 or non Lake of the Pines residents may call Dave Atkinson at (916) 230-1335 to arrange for tickets at the door and front gate entry.


Following the success of the first murder mystery which was a comic spoof of lake community living, writer and director David B. Atkinson, has crafted a second tale of murder, greed and deceit which is a stand-alone story not requiring attendance at the first show.  In this mystery the axiom that a pine cone never falls in Lake of the Pines without hitting a real estate agent is proven true.  All the characters in this show save for one sell real estate among other avocations.  The other character is a real estate investor named Cecil B. DeMillions who wants to buy and sell 47 properties in the area.  When his real estate agent is found murdered at the beginning of the evening the murder suspects and his possible replacement are plentiful.  As the plot and the victim’s blood begin to coagulate the audience is asked to play detective and try to guess whodunit.

The wildly comic characters are played by both professional actors and audience members who have asked to be considered for a role when they make their reservations.  Those selected will be contacted by the director prior to the show and given a character profile with everything they need to play the role including one or two simple lines to say, their theory of who committed the murder and their alibi.  According to Atkinson this “theatrical karaoke” was a highlight of the first show and added a new level of entertainment for friends and relatives of those in the audience playing characters.

As the evening progresses dinner is served while the action and complications of the mystery investigation continue to unfold.  A second murder is committed and everyone in the room is an eyewitness.  Further clues are discovered throughout the room as the guests are encouraged to work as detective teams and conduct their own gumshoe investigations.  More evidence is revealed and a third murder is committed as the meal is completed.  Over dessert, the guests are asked to fill out answer sheets stating who they think committed the three murders and what the motive was for each.  Following a solution scene where the guilty culprits are arrested, prizes are awarded to the best and worst detective teams in the audience.

Dave Atkinson has written over 50 interactive murder mysteries and theatrical productions since 1989 and is available to create custom written events for corporate and private parties.  For more information about the services provided by McClellan Marketing Group call Dave Atkinson at (916) 230-1335