“A Mafia Wedding:  Tony Finally Marries Gina”, written and directed by David B. Atkinsoncontinues the saga of the Rigatoni and Tortellini crime families. Mafia Wedding 3 As the story unfolds, we learn that after an eleven year engagement, Gina Rigatoni is marrying Tony Tortellini who is a direct competitor to her father’s criminal enterprises.  The whole family is at the wedding, including Gina’s half brother and the former Vegas lounge singer, Joey Rigatoni, Peaches Patterson also a former lounge singer and the new wife of the Godfather and Father Dave the owner of the Chapel by the Slots, a drive through wedding chapel in Las Vegas.  Homicide investigator Lt. Hangun, who has been trying to get these hoodlums behind bars for years, arrives to investigate a murder that has been committed.

Father Dave conducts a hilarious wedding ceremony, and then invites the guests to enjoy their dinner while continuing their investigations.  As the evening progresses the characters mingle from table to table offering their theories on who committed the murders and following dinner a musical variety show is presented as part of the wedding reception by the cast.  The audience is asked to fill out answer sheets at the end of the evening offering their solutions to the murders.  Prizes are awarded to the best and worst detective teams in the audience.

The newly remodeled Lake of the Pines Clubhouse dining room offer gorgeous views of the lake and a delicious gourmet buffet dinner while you try to solve the murders which occur before your eyes!



“Rebel Without Applause”

An interactive comedy murder mystery set at a 1958 Senior Prom.  Great ’50’s tunes are performed by the cast and the audience can be in a hula hoop contest at this wild prom and guess whodunit!  Prizes awarded to the best and worst detective teams.  Opens Friday Sept. 12, 2014 at Lou La Bonte’s in Auburn, CA.  More details, dates and venues to come…