Project Description

SITUATION: Roberta McClellan, principal at MMG, was brought in on a contract bases to service as Viewpoint Photographic Art Centers Executive Director. Roberta was hired to help reinforce existing programs, develop new revenue streams and to reach out to the community for new connections, funding and opportunities. This is long-term contract is ongoing and requires both management and marketing services.

OBJECTIVE: The main objectives for Viewpoint are to strengthen existing programs so they function more efficiently and bring in greater revenue, to create new community based funding streams, and to create new systems and procedures to relieve core volunteers of daily duties.

APPROACH: Following an explorative period of two months, a management assessment plan was developed for the first-year, which included a number of administrative procedures and programs, but was also very conscious and respectful of existing systems and volunteer abilities. These systems included enhanced gallery sales programs and systems, a strengthening of the curatorial process for the two galleries, outreach into the community with other organizations, marketing enhancements on a number of levels, a new sponsorship program and grant research and application.

RESULT: This is an ongoing contract and each year, the results of the past are leading to new opportunities for the future. Thus far Viewpoint has brought in new corporate sponsors, will receive a new program grant, streamlined gallery operations, enhanced exhibit presentations and procedures, created new fundraising activities and increased workshop offerings. New sales programs have also been created in the gallery and in the second year of the contract, overall gallery sales have doubled.